Innovative Filtration System for the Complete Elimination of Waste Oils and Liquids
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Improvements to the workplace environment lead to improved employee motivation and improved machining accuracy.
                  S-CERAM Corporation / Factory director Riichiro Kawabe

Our Business Precision machining, ultrasonic machining, centerless grinding, honing, interdigitation, mirror surface grinding, machining, surface grinding, lapping, internal surface/contour grinding, cutting
Work style Compatible with all materials with a single unit. Challenging new materials and new types of machining. Our equipment can handle trial production to mass production, and can be used not only for supply part machining, but also for the provision of raw materials. Medical, environmental, precision parts fields
Machining materials Ceramics, carbide grinding, CFRP, ferromagnetic material, carbon
Number of workers engaged in machining 5
Machinery used Processing machine x 1, ultrasonic machine x 1, rotary grinder x 1, honing machine x 1, centerless grinder x 4, surface grinder x 4, cylindrical grinder x 4
Adopted filtration MTR FWC
Before adoption
Cause of interruptions, inefficiencies, and drops in motivation when carrying out filtration tank cleaning and maintenance work

A variety of filters were tried. However, they all required a lot of work to maintain them, and their dust collection capabilities did not justify the cost. In the end, coolant was stored in filtration tanks, and once the limit was reached, the water was drained off, and the remaining sludge was treated as industrial waste.
(In comparison to treating coolant containing sludge, the cost per liter to treat coolant only is kept low, and therefore separation was performed internally.)
We also tried diatomite filtration, but in the end did not adopt this method because the discharge of hardened cake was very time-consuming.

Motive for adoption

When observing the work processes of other companies, our previous President realized how good SMK's filtration systems were, and around 13 years ago, decided to adopt external pressure type filters.
We were satisfied in terms of performance, but it was costing as much as JPY 600,000 to install units on each machine, and so we were unable to move forward.
A version of the current system was then developed in a more realistic price range, and we took this opportunity to install the new system on all of our machines.?

Improved workplace environment

The need to frequently interrupt work for workers to perform sludge scraping was no longer necessary, and the increased length of time during which workers were able to concentrate on their work led to improved machining accuracy. The workplace environment that had been dirty due to machines caked in sludge and scraped sludge became much cleaner, leading to improved employee motivation.

Improved machining accuracy

Oil is continuously applied to sliding surfaces when machining ceramics, however, accuracy drops dramatically when sludge gets onto sliding surfaces.
After cutting φ 0.1, you'll notice a significant difference because the coolant does not become muddy.
Sludge treatment is required for wet type machining.
Sludge that adheres to minute holes not only affects workpieces, but also clogs up center through holes, leading to machine damage.
It is not easy to maintain initial accuracy even when purchasing expensive machines, however, the superior filtration capability of SMK's filtration system is able to maintain accuracy and prevent breakdowns.?

Coolant replacement

Significant increase in replacement interval from once/3 months → once/year.

Filter replacement frequency


Evaluation of SMK filtration
Filtration capability height

Workability (maintenance) merits