Innovative Filtration System for the Complete Elimination of Waste Oils and Liquids
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SPF waste oil regeneration service

SPF waste oil regeneration service Recipient of 2015 Aichi Environmental Award

The introduction of this service may just change manufacturing workplaces in Japan and around the world. This is a reflection of just how innovative this filtration service is.
By taking used oil such as hydraulic oil and filtering it to make it as clean as new oil, not only is there no longer any need to purchase new oil, but disposal costs can be completely eliminated. This breakthrough service offers a solution to production site concerns over cost and the environment in a single stroke.

Simultaneous realization of dramatic cost reductions and decreased environmental load.

Simultaneous realization of dramatic cost reductions and decreased environmental load. SMK has developed a unique device based on filtration technology and filter technology accumulated over more than 30 years. The filtering of waste oils and liquids results in regenerated oils and liquids that are as good as new. Those seeing the resultant quality for the first time simply won't believe there own eyes. Moreover, there is no degradation with repeated filtering, meaning that waste oils and liquids can be reused again and again. What's more, as no industrial waste is produced, there is a significant reduction in the load placed on the environment. CO2generated when producing oils can also be reduced. Depending on the situation, our breakthrough filtration service can cut the cost of treating waste oil or purchasing new oil by as much as half, while at the same time contributing to environmental measures. No sooner had its introduction generated excitement in 2015, than SMK were awarded the AICHI ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD that very same year.

Lineup of services to meet all your needs.

Waste oil flow rate and dynamic viscosity vary with machining conditions, meaning that there are cases where filtration must be performed daily, and cases where it is only required every 6 months.We currently offer 3 services in response to such client needs.The first of these is our reclamation service. SMK will visit your factory to recover your waste oil, regenerate it at our filtration plant, and then deliver it back to you again.

Our second service is a dispatch service, whereby we take our equipment with us to perform filtration on site.
And our third service is equipment sales.
By purchasing our filtration equipment, you can filter as much waste oil and liquid whenever your need.
We offer a flexible lineup compatible with all conditions. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your filtration needs.