Innovative Filtration System for the Complete Elimination of Waste Oils and Liquids
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On-site dispatch filtration service

On-site dispatch filtration service
Compact and clean new-concept equipment.Filtration work can be  performed even in tight spaces.

There is no need to use the amount of hydraulic oil that would be required by purchasing equipment, and filtration can be carried out irregularly. We are offering this dispatch service for such clients.
Simply call us and we'll send our staff out to perform your filtration work. Think of this as what we call our "house cleaning service", available for use only when you wish to clean waste oils and liquids.

Compact equipment. Work possible in tight spaces.

Compact equipment. Work possible in tight spaces. Interruptions to production are inevitable in operational factories with massive machinery and large numbers of workers. At a mere 300(L) × 950(W) × 1020(H) mm, our compact filtration equipment can be used in even the tightest of spaces.
With its smooth movement, the equipment can be taken wherever it needs to be used.
The work itself does not involve large-scale procedures. Simply connect the container of waste oil or liquid to our equipment with a hose, and then flick the switch. A pump draws up the waste oil or liquid, and the work is completed while watching over the filtration process. There is no need for the majority of workers to intrude in the work area, meaning you can place your order with peace of mind.?

This world's first W coupler system ensures no workplace soilage.

This world's first W coupler system ensures no workplace soilage. A further feature of this equipment is the adoption of a "W coupler system". This means that there is no longer any need for water storage tanks to store filtered liquids, meaning no scattering of filtered liquids n the workplace during work. This of course means that the work environment can be kept clean.
As previously mentioned, conventional filtration equipment required a water storage tank, and therefore the use of large housing was inevitable. With SMK's system, however, there is no need for a water storage tank. Our equipment kills two birds with one stone by keeping the work environment clean and offering a compact size for use in tight spaces.
You would imagine that this technology existed, but in fact it didn't. SMK is the first in the world to realize such a system. Patent pending as of 2016.?