Innovative Filtration System for the Complete Elimination of Waste Oils and Liquids
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SGL/FWC precision filtration equipment

SGL/FWC precision filtration equipment
By keeping machining oil and hydraulic oil constantly clean, costs are reduced, the environment load is minimized, and the working environment is improved all at the same time.

SMK's filtration equipment features a completely new construction, and combines the best parts of both conventional internal pressure and external pressure type filters.
We have achieved filtration accuracy at the NAS5 level by employing a newly developed 0.5 μ fiber filter paper. Not only does our new equipment offer improved machining accuracy and longer processing machine life, it also contributes to significantly reduced costs, reduced environmental load, and a better working environment.

Compatible with both waterborne and oil-based liquids. Breakthrough filtration system awarded the AICHI ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD.

By continuously filtering machining oil and hydraulic oil, waste oil and liquid quantities are significantly reduced. At the same time, the cost of purchasing new oils and liquids is also reduced. Our filtration equipment is compatible with both waterborne and oil-based liquids, and running costs are significantly curtailed.
Furthermore, reducing purchases of new oils and liquids also contributes to reduced Co2 emissions during the manufacturing process. And simultaneously reducing sludge results in machining quality improvements such as the elimination of tool chipping, etc., and longer life for consumable parts.
And with the adoption of the world's first "W coupler system" eliminating the need for a water storage tank, liquids are no longer scattered, and maintenance tasks such as sludge cleaning are no longer necessary, resulting in a surprisingly clean workplace.
The compact body of our equipment has been reduced to a size never seen in conventional products, meaning significant improvements to the working environment.

Convenient, safe, and speedy. User-friendly design.

A manual operation switch eliminates the need for complex operations. One-touch replacement of used filters. Maintenance free for cleaning and convenient use.
The filtration speed is 20 L/min for water-soluble liquids, and 15 L/min for oil-based liquids. The speedy filtration process is completed in just a single pass.
In addition, we have complete confidence in our product's safety. If the pressure inside the filter housing exceeds a set level following some kind of trouble, or if liquid leaks occur, such abnormalities are detected by sensors, and the equipment stops automatically. Even in the rare event that liquid leaks, the housing has been designed to prevent liquid flowing to the outside.
Our many years of observing filtration sites has resulted in designs which take the user into consideration.