Innovative Filtration System for the Complete Elimination of Waste Oils and Liquids
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Filter unit for ultra-precision machining

Filter unit for ultra-precision machining
Why not try our high added value filtration system package?

Many machine tool manufacturers have asked us to collaborate with them at exhibitions.
As our filtration systems are generally used in combination with machine tools, we welcome such inquiries from clients.
We design packaged systems capable of offering high added value, allowing us to offer the best possible proposals to end users.

This system is capable of significantly reducing machine tool breakdowns.

This system is capable of significantly reducing machine tool breakdowns. During our many discussions with various machine tool manufacturers, we became aware that the deeper we come to know our end users, the more we can get them to appreciate our filtration systems.
And can't this also help us understand "what kind of filtration issues users are faced with at machining sites"?
Our systems are capable of extending machining tool life, improving machining accuracy, and significantly reducing machine tool breakdowns.
We have absolute confidence that our filtration technology will have enormous benefit to all our users.?

Original design to meet your product specifications and requirements.

Our filtration systems are capable of handling both waterborne and oil-based liquids, and we are able to offer filters of accuracy to match machining conditions.
By designing order-made equipment to meet all machine tool specifications as well as the demands of clients, we have put together an equipment lineup catering to a wide of client requirements. We wish to improve the value of our client's products through filtration and filter technology accumulated over more than 30 years, and to increase the manufacturing capabilities of end users. These are the targets that drive us here at SMK.

We have already been approved as an official ROKU-ROKU SANGYO, LTD. supplier, and our equipment is offered as an option in their product lineup.